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Lake Erie International High School focuses on supporting the needs of our students by offering an individualized and self-paced program. Our Educational Program is based upon the premise that students have different needs, learn at different rates, and have diverse learning styles that are not currently being addressed by traditional public schools.

It’s a real diploma for 21st-century students—and it’s Tuition Free.
·        Flexible Scheduling
·        Career Technical Programs
·        Graduations in December and June
·        Self-paced courses allow you to earn credits faster
·        Ages 14-21

Upcoming Events

Legends FSA: Let's Talk

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Location: Lake Erie International High School

Recent News

Spring Formal: King & Queen Featured Photo

Spring Formal: King & Queen

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! If you are attending Spring Formal and would like to run for King or Queen, please see Ms. Harrison. Make sure to campaign to get those votes up! Ballots will be cast on May 26th.
Women's Scholarship Application Featured Photo

Women's Scholarship Application

LADIES - If you want to continue your education in a Community or Technical College in the state of Ohio, click on the title to be directed to the Intel Semiconductor Scholarship for Women program page!
Summer Ideas Featured Photo

Summer Ideas

Looking for ideas for the Summer, check this out!
Spring Formal Featured Photo

Spring Formal

It’s that time of year again! If you’re an eligible 11th or 12th grader and want to go to Spring Formal, see Ms. Harrison for details!
Parent/Teacher Conference Night Featured Photo

Parent/Teacher Conference Night

The El Barrio School of The Centers will be here to discuss the FREE programs they offer to ANYONE 18 and older with NO high school diploma required.

Policies and Compliance Information

If you need additional information you may contact our school directly. Thank you!