Truancy Law - House Bill 410

It is important for every child to attend school every day. In an effort to address truancy among students, the Ohio General Assembly has passed a new truancy law, House Bill 410. Under this new law, all Ohio schools are now mandated to enforce House Bill 410 in an effort to reduce the number of truant students. Lake Erie International High School will work with students, staff, parents/guardians, and outside community organizations to address truancy issues. House Bill 410 requires the following:

  • Attendance tracking has changed from days of school to hours of school.
  • Students are considered to have excessive absences if they miss 38 or more unexcused hours of school in a single month; or 65 or more unexcused hours in a school year.
  • Students are considered to be an habitual truant if they miss 30 or more unexcused consecutive hours; 42 or more unexcused hours in a school month; or 72 or more unexcused hours in a school year.
  • Upon a student reaching the threshold of habitual truancy, the parent or guardian will be notified in writing and an Absence Intervention Team will be assiged. The Team must consist of school staff, the child’s parent or guardian, and/or a school counselor, psychologist or community organization that can offer assistance with lowering student absences.
  • The student and the parent or guardian are mandated by law to actively participate on the Absence Intervention Team. Failure to participate and comply will result in truancy filing on the student and or parent/guardian.
  • The Absence Intervention Team will develop a plan of action, which may include referrals to community organizations, as well as mediation, to increase student attendance.
  • If the student fails to comply with the Absence Intervention Team’s plan, it will result in mandatory filing of truancy with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

It is important that you report your child’s or children’s absence by providing the school with a written excuse the day following an absence. Lake Erie International High School will make every effort to assist families that need additional support to lower student absenteeism. If you should have any questions or concerns relative to House Bill 410, please contact our Retention Specialist, Ms. Dileiny Fermin  or our Family Advocate, Mr. Scott Asche by phone at (216) 539-7229 or via email at or