Frequently Asked Quesitons

What is Lake Erie International High School?

Lake Erie International High School is an AdvancED and Ohio Accredited high school, providing a nationally recognized high school diploma.  We are a technology based program geared towards assisting students with flexible class scheduling and credit recovery options.


What time are classes?

Students have the option of attending two sessions. First session is from 7:30 am to 11:45 pm. Second session is from 11:45 am to 4:00 pm.


How old do I have to be to enroll?

You must be between the ages of 16 to 21 years old.


What do I need to enroll?

If you are under the age of 18 years old, you must have a parent or guardian present at the time of enrollment. You or your parent/guardian must complete and application and provide the following documents upon registering: Picture ID (for both parent and student), birth certificate, social security card, transcripts, immunizations, and proof of residency in the form of a utility bill, lease agreement or mortgage statement.


What if I cannot obtain my transcripts, can I still enroll?

Yes, you can still enroll. Our staff will contact your previous school in order to obtain those documents.


What do I do if I do not have a utility bill in my name?

You will need to complete a Residency Affidavit and have it notarized.


What if I have an IEP/ETR?

Lake Erie International High School provides Special Education services for all students that have an IEP/ETR. Our Special Education staff will evaluate your IEP/ETR and insure compliance with Ohio Department of Education Special Education guidelines.


What if I think I need an IEP/ETR?

Lake Erie International High School Special Education staff has an Intervention Assistance Team that monitors struggling students so that interventions may be made to improve academic progress.


Is transportation provided?

Student residing in the city of Cleveland are provided assistance with transportation via a 2-ride bus ticket. This will allow students transportation to and from school each day.


Do I have to live in Cleveland to attend Lake Erie International High School?

No, you do not. Lake Erie International High School is open to all students who match the age criteria.


How much is the tuition?

Lake Erie International High School is a tuition-free program.


What kind of classes do students take?

Lake Erie International High School follows the Ohio Department of Education Common Core Curriculum Standards of Ohio. In addition to core academic classes such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, we also offer physical education, health, business technology, and foreign language classes.


What do I need to graduate?

Graduation requirements are based upon what year you began the 9th grade.  The Assistant Director will meet with each student individually to determine which Common Core Curriculum guidelines they fall under.


Are there graduation ceremonies?

Yes. Lake Erie International High School offers two graduations every year; one in June and one in December.


Can I earn credit for working?

Yes. You can earn some elective credits for working or volunteering. You must meet with the Vocational Specialist in order to obtain required documents.


Do you provide minor students with work permits?

Yes, Lake Erie International High School does provide working minor students with their work permits.


What if English is my second language?

Lake Erie International High School provides Limited English Proficiency (LEP) services to all English as a Second Language students enrolled, regardless of home language.