Apex Access for Students

Thank you for your flexibility and efforts during this unprecedented state-mandated school closing.  In order to help avoid losing valuable educational time, we at, LEIHS, have put together a plan of attack to help you complete your work.  It is very important that you make every effort to stay on pace by completing three assignments per day per class, especially if you are a June or December 2020 pre-grad.

Therefore, please use the following information to help you.  If you have any questions, you will still be able to contact your teachers and other staff members through their work email accounts.  

Our Apex and Achieve3000 curriculum is available for working  from home or at any location where you have Internet access. The website and sign-in information is as follows; user names and passwords remain the same as you have been using at school:

Apex:             https://apexvs.com/                               

Achieve3000:    https://portal.achieve3000.com/

There is a link to reset passwords on each of the log-in pages or you can email your teacher to reset it for you.

Online quizzes, tests, and finals can be completed on the website, as usual.  Written work can be completed using Google Docs and sharing it with your teacher or via Microsoft word and emailing your work to your teacher.  

You can copy and paste the document or simply number your paper and provide your answers. Please make sure that whatever format you use, you list your name, course name, and activity number on each document. (ex. Ima Legend - Eng 9A - 1.2.4).  A list of Instructional staff emails is listed below.

Ms. Allen, Social Studies Teacher - elizabeth.allen@lehsedu.org

Ms. Bundy, Academic Coach - ruth.bundy@lehsedu.org

Mr. Cajuste, Intervention Specialist - matthew.cajuste@lehsedu.org

Ms. Creve, Intervention Specialist - elisheva.creve@lehsedu.org 

Ms. Diaz, EL Teacher - maria.diaz@lehsedu.org

Mr. Ferus, English Teacher - jason.ferus@lehsedu.org

Mr. Hammer, Science Teacher - william.hammer@leihsedu.org

Ms. Harrison, Instructional Aide - brittany.harrison@lehsedu.org

Ms. Johnson, Instructional Aide - latonya.johnson@leihsedu.org

Mr. Keating, Math Teacher - brian.keating@leihsedu.org

Mr. Marosan, Math Teacher - jospeh.marosan@leihsedu.org

Mr. Marsh, Assistant Principal - bruce.marsh@leihsedu.org 

Ms. Mertel, English Teacher - melissa.mertel@leihsedu.org 

Please continue to check our website and social media sites for continued updates. Stay safe, Legends!